5 Ways to Make Your Job Listings Better

A job listing ad should be unique enough to stand out among others and attract only the best talent. Issa Asad, Florida-based entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless says there are certain things you can do to make your job listings even better.

If you are looking to add to your company, these are 5 ways to make your job listings better.

1. Clarity

Having a clear job title is one way of increasing traffic to your listing. A well-crafted listing is one that constitutes of the following:

  • A specific title- Avoid ambiguous titles. For instance, “Customer Service Intern” is more descriptive and attractive as compared to “Intern”.
  • The title should be bold and stand on its own line and separated from the rest of the body text. Make it stand out alone such that it attracts the right talent.
  • Do a bit of research to find out if there’s a standard template used in the industry for a specific position.

2. Include a Physical Address

Always include a physical business location even if you don’t own one. Many online job boards and search engines require job listings to have specific addresses. This will increase the chances of your listing showing up when employees are looking for jobs in the area you are located. A physical address is one way of making your business look more professional. It is also a way of increasing online traffic to your listing.

3. Include a Detailed Job Description

Most job seekers have the urge to know the kind of job they are signing up for before clicking the “apply” button. Always have a clear and well detailed job description. Include keywords that are popularly used for the listed job and are mostly searched for. As a way of increasing traffic to the listing you can repeat certain words that are in the title. Job descriptions state the following:

  • Responsibilities that come with the position
  • The experience level and skills required
  • Remuneration package
  • Working conditions such as the time and flexibility

4. Place Your Listing on the Right Search Boards

It is no secret that most job searches are done online. Ensure that your listing is placed on bards that have the most traffic. You can apply the following tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to diversify- If you have the money, put your listing across many different job boards. The more ads you have, the greater your chances of finding the right talent.
  • Concentrate on the major job boards- Bards such as Monster, Career builder and Indeed boast of more than 35 million monthly visitors. These sites can be a good place to start your search for the right employees for your business.
  • Don’t rule out craigslist- You’d be shocked at the amount of great talent you can find in Craigslist.
  • Niche boards are worth a try- Specific careers have specific job board sites. The smaller the niche, the smaller the audience and the easier it will be to find the relevant audience.

5. Include Clear Submission Guidelines

Your listing should have clear instructions as to where the resumes should be sent and deadline date. Ensure that the email provided is correct. Look out for any typos and missing characters.

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