Apple to have the highest number of Christmas sales ever in its history

According to ChangeWave network, Electronic giants Apple will be the dominant retailer during Christmas sales with mass sales of its electronic products. A recent survey of 2,812 American showed that Apples ipod, MacBook laptops and Ipads were the most wanted item for Christmas.

The survey asked consumers about their home entertainment shopping plans for the Christmas. One in four respondents stated that they will be definitely buying an electronic good over the holiday season and 10% of respondents said that a laptop was on the top of their with list for the holiday season.  Changewave networks findings were the highest they have ever been for the electronics market and they believe this is due to the advanced technology of Apple Corporation, who continuously entices the customer every year with better and newer products. According to researcher Paul Carton, 36% of planned laptop buyers will purchase a Mac. This is an 11 % jump from the previous survey. Therefore, Apples dominance within the home entertainment and electronic market continues to grow and with sales predicted to be the highest they have ever been, know one expects this change for a long time.

Facebook to adopt new security measures

Personal data security is always a major concern for social networking sites like Facebook. To overcome from the threat of getting hacked and leak of profile information, Facebook is planning to adopt ‘HTTPS’ protocol soon.

HTTPS is the combination of HTTP protocol with SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure connection from Network server. HTTPS connections are often used for payment transactions on web and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems.

Google is also testing the implementation of HTTPS to protect the searching habits of its search engine users.Google over SSL is currently in beta phase but will be implemented fully by the end of this year.

With the implementation of HTTPS, Facebook will be able to overcome from some major security threats prevailing these days. The social networking giant have around 600 million members and increasing very rapidly. So, the implementation of this new feature will surely improve the security of website up to some extent.

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