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Learn About a Factoring Company

Do you need a Factoring Company?

Would you like up to 80% cash advance of your outstanding Sales Debts/Invoices paid to you within a week of our initial contact? Would you like to release the money tied up in unpaid sales invoices and then have the confidence to increase your turnover knowing you have funding in line with that growth?

When is factoring the right option?

  • Your company is growing: Factoring is a flexible source of funding your turnover.
  • You need an injection of working capital: to pay your suppliers on time, fill customer orders and run your daily operations. Get peace of mind and eradicate creditor pressure so you can concentrate on the other important business challenges.
  • You have plenty of outstanding sales invoices …but can’t bridge the cash gap that frequently occurs between billing and collections. Potential can help to prevent that constant cycle. We will skilfully carry out your collection processes to enable you to focus on the important things.
  • Your customers are taking too long to pay: We are experts at collecting your monies and managing the relationships with your clients.
  • You need more than you can get from traditional lending sources: You have a valuable asset in your business that currently isn’t working for you, unlock-it!

Factoring offers a highly effective alternative to all other forms of business finance for cash flow. We specialise in providing factoring specifically for… Independent, small and medium sized business.

When you meet our team and decision makers you will begin to develop a close relationship with us from the start. We will know you and your business and obtain an understanding of your procedures, processes and business management style.

As your facility grows you will enjoy a strengthening relationship that will enable us to work with you to grow your business without the lengthy re-assessment procedures undertaken by the larger lenders and institutions.

Would you like to handover the hassle of managing credit control within your company or would you prefer to continue with your own debt collection backed up by our statement and letter service? The choice is yours – we pride ourselves on being flexible and approach every client as an individual.

Whatever your annual business turnover, whether you’re a startup company or an established business seeking additional capital, we could help you unlock your potential.

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