These 5 Technology Tools Will Help Your Business Today

If you own a small business today, you not only own the technology but also the technology owns you. However, the good news is that this technology has actually opened up many businesses in ways that many business owners could have never imagined.

“Nowadays, a businessperson can use some of the basic technology tools that can help him or her to expand the business,” explained Issa Asad, a Florida business owner and entrepreneur of 2 companies in South Florida, including Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

Although the most obvious advantage of the technology in a small business is simply an increased productivity that mainly translates into a less cost structure, there are other benefits which can help the business as well.

These 5 technology tools will help your business today:

1. Video Camera

Video surveillance in your workplace protects both the business as well as the employees. Installing video surveillance cameras inside and also outside the business to record criminals who may tend to vandalize or steal properties is of great importance to your business. Weatherproof outdoor surveillance cameras can help you to manage your business thus cutting down on vandalism and even property damage.

2. Smartphones and Also Other Mobile Technology

Mobile technology usually gives many business owners the ability to achieve things that they otherwise couldn’t. The applications are either free or else cost very little once compared to other expensive software and technology. Mobile applications are a sub-segment of the mobile technology. The smartphone has actually blown out things out of the water today. The staple of mobile tech, smartphones has given many people access to capabilities which were once limited to large machinery and desktop computers. Apps, phone calls, voice commands and many more make smartphones to be the most preferred choice for mobile tech.

3. Social Media Management Software

Managing your business’s social media presence has become an increasingly difficult task. For instance, the small-business owners who mainly used to rely on Twitter to post their updates to LinkedIn no longer have this option. Fortunately, a number of tools or software like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow you to manage your small business’s various social media accounts from just a single dashboard.

4. Security Software

Once you sit down with your tablet or computer, security is perhaps the last thing that could be on your head. You want to catch up with your friends on the social networks, check your email, or maybe buy some goods online, but the problem is that you need security. If you are not very careful, a hacker may use your online shopping trip to steal your credit card information. You therefore need to secure your PCs and mobile phones with small business internet security software.

5. Backup Service

Backing up your data is very important for the business. A good data backup plan is simply to have two copies of the data whereby one is local, resides on your place of business, while the other one is offsite, stored remotely on a secure server. Backups must be automatic and also data storage should be easy. Reliability is a must since no one should pay for unreliability.

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